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Prostate Cancer-VA Claims

The VA presumes Agent Orange as a cause for anybody who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer who served in Viet Nam, and I believe Cambodia and Laos.

To get a claim form, call your nearest VA center and ask for the forms to submit a claim for Agent Orange illness.

I understand there is a large backlog of claims, so be patient - I submitted mine on 31 October '03, got a form this week stating they
were sorry for the delay and that my claim was "being processed".

The forms I submitted were VA Forms 21-4138, Statement in Support of Claim, and 21-4142, Authorization and Consent to Release Information to the Department of Veterans Affairs (for your physicians). I also included a copy of my DD-214, and two letters from guys I flew with in 'Nam attesting to my exposure to Agent Orange-the latter weren't asked for, but I put 'em in anyway to bring the package gross weight up to gummint standard.

Any questions, call Fred Smith at or (770) 631-9339.


Post your experiences with the VA?


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